Welcome to

The Serious Business (srsbz.nz) Webpage

What is Serious Business (srsbz.nz)?
Serious Business is a server infrastructure run by a single sysadmin that he uses to run game servers, websites, and other neat stuff. Some of it is publicly accessible, some of it is for private use only.

Who runs Serious Business?
Serious Business is currently administrated by "Camo Yoshi", a sysadmin in Seattle, WA. You can get in touch with him on Twitter.

What sort of services do you have running?
Our systems run a webserver powered by nginx, and some game servers. You can watch this space to see what we currently have running at the moment.

What are your server's system specs?
Please check our server list.
As additional servers are brought into production, we will detail their information there as well.
You can check their status and uptime by going to our status dashboard.

What services do you offer to the public?
Beyond our public game server offerings, we also are offering one free subdomain of *.srsbz.nz or *.is.srsbz.nz that you can use as an A, AAAA, or CNAME record. DNS changes must be manually approved and configured and must go through the sysadmin first; this is not a Dynamic DNS service. More details are available here.

Why does your website look like it's from 1996?
To be courteous to those with limited amounts of bandwidth or slower internet connections, we choose to keep our webpages simple and consume lower resources. We feel that as long as a webpage delivers the information needed and is accessible to all, it serves it's purpose and does not need any further complication. So many websites try to be beautiful, and in the process they become bloated, slow, and difficult to navigate. The entire purpose of this webpage is to serve you this text when you navigate to our webpage. Isn't that the primary purpose of a web page? (Bonus: Our web page is so small, that you could fit this entire webpage, with the background, onto a 1TB hard drive, 100,000,000 times, and still have some space left over!)

If your webpage looks like this I bet your servers are really out of touch too, huh?
We run the latest version of Linux on our servers due to its reliability and resiliency. We keep our servers up to date on a regular basis and follow most best security practices when applicable. If you'll notice, our website automatically strips the www subdomain and enforces HTTPS encryption across all our web pages. We make every point to keep up on the latest in technology, even if our web design is quite old fashioned, based on appearance alone. (Bonus: This entire webpage is completely HTML5 compliant, as well!) We even have load balancing enabled on our web server for this domain too, though this is likely overkill for how little traffic the site gets and consumes thanks to its minimalist nature. It's a win-win for everyone!

I have another question or comment I'd like to mention.
We have a Discord server here that you can join. An account is not required, if you would like to remain anonymous. You can also email the admin at the following email address:
camoyoshi .A.T. (domain of this website).

Background graphic borrowed from the now defunct Rarefiles.com (RIP)
Webdev done by Camo Yoshi
Copyleft, Serious Business 20XX.