Server Address


List of worlds:
creative-flat Creative world that is completely void of any geographical abnormalities.
creative-nonflat Creative world in a normal world with terrain.
coop-survival Player vs. Environment. PvP disabled. Intended to be for group survival.
pvp-survival-lite Player vs. Environment. PvP enabled. Work together to survive, but you can also fight each other.
pvp-survival Player vs. Player. PvP enabled. Complete anarchy, kill, grief, steal, backstab, do anything you need to survive.
sandbox Creative-mode sandbox using superflat world. For testing out things, spamming TNT, all that sort of destructive crazy stuff. This world will be wiped clean from time to time if the base ground gets too messed up, so please don't build anything here that you don't want to lose! (Use the two creative worlds for that).
spawn Default world you will spawn into, this is the main hub world.

List of commands you can use:
NOTE: The shortest possible command length is always listed. Longer commands can be used but will obviously require more keystrokes.
/back Teleports you to your location prior to the use of a /home, /tpa, /spawn, or /warp command.
/clear * Clears your entire inventory. *Only available in the following worlds: creative-flat, creative-nonflat, sandbox.
/delhome <name> Deletes a home from your list of homes. A maximum of three is allowed on the server. A name is required.
/home <name> Teleports you to the specified location previously set for your home. A name is required.
/homes Lists the names of teleport locations you have set as your home.
/pwarps Allows you to set up warps to various locations that can be used by you, or can be used by other players you trust, as well. Defaults to only being available to you. Unlike homes, these are not limited to a maximum of three for the entire server.
/sethome <name> Sets the current position you are standing on as one of your homes. A name is required.
/tpa Sends a request to another online user to teleport to them. Can also be used be the receiving player to accept the inbound teleport request from another player.
/tpdeny Denies the inbound teleport request from another player.
/warp Warps you to another world on the server. (See the table above for the list of available worlds)
(All WorldEdit commands)* *These are only available in the following worlds: creative-flat, creative-nonflat, sandbox