Duel40 is an ongoing project for Zandronum to compile the 40 best oldschool duel maps and pair them with an easy to use map selector. The compilation is equal parts player convenience, a tribute to classic doom in a modern port, and a deliberate attempt to introduce duelers to lesser-played maps and potential modern classics. Using the lobby is easy. Simply bump your body against the picture of the map you want to play, and it will be globally broadcast. If you agree with your opponent, bump the same picture and the match will start. There is no time limit - I prefer consensus to brinkmanship and leaving the map to chance. If both players choose Random select, they will be taken to a second location with a randomly chosen map and a skip option. If either player chooses the random map, that's what you'll play. If both players skip, another (guaranteed different) map will be randomly chosen, and play will begin immediately thereafter. Practice maps and secret maps will never be randomly selected. If there are no players in the duel, the server will automatically return to the START map.


Note: You only need one copy of each of the files listed below, so you only need to select one of the URLs below for each file.


Copyleft, Serious Business 20XX.